Challenges – Round 2

Day 2 Workshop Challenges

Curriculum and Teaching 

Ninja Log

Professional Development

Sharing and Helping


  • Schoolwide project – Something that impacts more than your class
  • Present at a conference or at your site



GUHSDtech Google Ninja – GameOn!

Ninja-Tshirt-2015-smallBecoming a Google Ninja is a process. It does not come by completing a Google Form or by making a simple declaration. The path to Google enlightenment it arduous with digital challenges to build up your strength, stamina, troubleshooting skills, knowledge, and wisdom.

Completion of these challenges will provide you a broad understanding of using Google and Web 2.o tools in a classroom environment. Through the Game On System, you earn experience (XP) points where you can advance until you reach Ninja status.

All of you have the potential, but do you have the drive? Do you have what it takes to be a Google Ninja? Only time will tell.

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